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Meet Ineke!

Ineke started Turner & Pooch Dog Training because she has a love and passion for our canine companions. It all started when she was about eight. She got lost in the woods behind her house. She was scared and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, she had her dog, Zack with her. Sobbing, she told him to take her home – and he did! She will never forget that day. It was the first time Ineke realized that she could influence canine behaviour. Since then, all dogs have had a special place in her heart

Meet Lexi!

Lexi became a member of the team as a Co-op student this summer and has a real passion for training dogs new tricks and commands. She is currently running the Service Dog Training Program we are offering as well as running the Puppy Preschool group classes. Her dog, Phoebe is a total sweetheart and her and Dante are the best of friends! She gets him in all sorts of trouble too - just like an older sister should! Haha!!

What We Do

We offer a holistic approach to dog training and behaviour. Ineke is adept at recognizing problem behaviour, While Lexi is a skilled at training Service Dog Tasks, tricks, and puppy training.

Lexi is apprenticing to train Service Dogs with us and already has a full schedule! We are looking forward to working together to help you build the relationship you need and teach your dog any and all commands necessary to life a life of content with your Pooch!

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 “Would recommend Ineke to anyone who is looking for a very patient and knowledgeable trainer.”

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