Who We are

Turner & Pooch Dog Training is the human trainer for dogs! We are a boutique dog training company that offers virtual training, group classes, day training and private lessons to help you build better behaviour foundations with your dog. Our goal is to provide excellent service while also making it possible for people who can’t commit to in-person sessions or who live too far away from our location to work with us.

What We Do

We specialize in teaching people how to train their puppies and adult dogs. Most of our clients are families with young children who need help in managing the behaviour of their new puppy or adolescent dog, but we also work with many other types of clients like seniors, people living alone, and individuals who want to learn more about canine body language.

Woman with doberman

Meet Ineke!

Ineke started Turner & Pooch Dog Training because she has a love and passion for our canine companions and learned at a young age that she was able to connect with them on an intuitive level.

Meet Zoe!

Zoe started working with Turner & Pooch in the summer of 2021 as a Co-op student. She has since been recruited and will interning with us and eventually taking over all group class instruction.

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