How I Got My Start in Dog Training

My name is Ineke (in-nic-ka), Owner and Trainer at Turner and Pooch Dog Training. I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to all of you. 

I grew up with dogs, they were my friends; they listened to my deepest secrets silently and without judgement. This instilled a great love for all dogs in me which has only grown as i grew into adulthood.

So, I decided to get a dog of my own.

I always loved the Miniature Pinscher breed, and i lived in an apartment with a lot of stairs, so i figured a small dog would be easier to take care of.

Boy, was he a mean little pup!

He thought that ANY little scrap of food was his and that he had to defend it with everything his little 5 lb body could manage. I hired a couple of trainers to help me, but no one really offered any advise that solved the problem .

So, being the resourceful gal I am – I googled. I read every thing I could find on the breed, and training methods.  

It wasn’t until I came across Cesar Millan’s show and website that I actually made progress with the little monster, ironically named Buddha – I was seriously doubting my choice of that name for the first year of his life!


He is now four years old, and has become the Zen master of his namesake, and is the official shop dog of the Green Street E-bike Shop here in town.

PS: Here’s a picture of Buddha now, he’s no longer a monster around food, but he’s still a gluttonous foodie.

UPDATE July, 2020: Buddha is still doing well with his food issues, and he is loving life spent half the year cruising the canal system with his owners. every one who meets him, loves him! He has definitely lived up to his namesake!

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