Training Basics: A Guide For Dog Owners

Now, giving dog owners like you the tools and confidence to train your dog effectively while nurturing a healthy dog-owner relationship is one of my primary goals as a trainer.

The Training Basics: A Guide For Dog Owners will get you started in the right direction. This easy-to-follow training guide is broken into two parts.

First, you will learn about dog behaviour and psychology (why dogs do what they do), corrections and some of the training tools I recommend.

Then, you will be able to work through 10 training guides. These exercises include basic obedience commands like “Sit” and “Let’s Go” as well as training exercises to help you establish yourself as the leader of your pack. Each training guide has been written with a clear objective in mind, a list of tools you will need to train and step-by-step guidance for teaching the command or behaviour.



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