Apply To Adopt Tuna

Name: Tuna
Temperament: She is a charming dog with a strong presence. She she gets along well with people and other balanced dogs. My two Dobermans are her playmates, although their high energy can be a bit overwhelming for her. Tuna, is a medium to low energy dog, and is seeking a forever home with someone who has breed knowledge and is committed to working with her.

Training: House trained, crate trained, knows basic commands. She can sometimes be reactive to other dogs, but this is due to excitement rather than fear or aggression and is easily corrected.
Health status: Apart from waiting to be spayed, Tuna has an allergy to fish but is otherwise healthy.
Exercise needs: Dogo Argentinos are generally active dogs, however Tuna does well with a 30 minute structured walk and some play time. She does not appear to have much of the high energy that this breed is known for.
Living Situation: Tuna would do best in a quiet environment, but if her new owner is dedicated to working with her, she would do fine in many different lifestyles. She was previously living in the GTA.
Behavioural quirks: Tuna loves being with other dogs. This has been evidenced by her behaviour challenges the shows when she spends a lot of time with my dogs. She did not like to be separated from them when we would go upstairs and leave her in the training space. She does well on her own as well, since she has been kept away from Daphne and Dante, her behaviour has improved.

Past experiences: Tuna was living with a male Dogo in her previous home, and she is exposed to many different dogs here. She has not been tested with kids or cats, but with training she should do well with either.
Preferred companionship: Tuna would prefer a home with another dog, but would be fine as the only dog as well.
Interaction with humans: Tuna is excited to meet people, and can sound threatening. This should dissipate in her new home and with regular interaction with people.
Likes and dislikes: Tuna loves being with her people, and to have a comfy bed to lay in. She enjoys being in her crate as well.

Adoption Application