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FAQs for Dog Training

Answers to Your Questions About Training your dog with Us

What Kind of Behaviours Can Turner & Pooch Dog Training Help With?

Professional dog training from Turner & Pooch can help with a variety of common bad behaviours, including but not limited to excessive barking, chewing or digging, house training issues, jumping up on people, and aggression towards people and/or other animals. We specialize in teaching dogs to come when called using a remote training collar, food aggression (resource guarding), barking and lunging on leash, and calming hyperactivity.

How Quickly Will I See Results From Training?

Every dog is unique and responds differently to training; however, most owners report seeing improvements in their pet's behaviour after the first session with overall behaviour improvements after a couple weeks of beginning training sessions with us. With Turner & Pooch, you can count on fast, effective results.

Do I Need To Be Present During The Training Sessions?

The answer depends on the type of training you are seeking. Certain obedience classes or one-on-one lessons require that you are present in order to understand the techniques being used and practice them at home. Day training programs where the animal stays at the facility while being trained typically do not require your presence.

What Methods Do You Use to Correct Unwanted Behaviour?

At Turner & Pooch Dog Training, we use a combination of prong training collars and e-collars (remote training collars) in conjunction with rewards based techniques, desensitization and counter-conditioning exercises, confidence building, and relationship building. We believe in using comprehensive methods to help correct unwanted behaviour, so that you can build a lasting relationship with your dog.

Will My Dog Need to Wear The Collar(s) Forever?

The goal of our training process is not to wean off using the training collars, but rather to improve your relationship with your dog. Think of the training collars as an insurance policy, particularly the remote collar, which will allow you to communicate with your dog in the palm of your hand. In most cases, your dog won’t need to wear either collar forever, and we will work with you to establish an appropriate timeline for taking the collars off.

Get Professional Dog Training with Turner & Pooch

Our primary focus is on building trust and respect so that you can enjoy a stress and worry- free relationship with your dog! Here’s what that looks like:


Establishing Leadership

The word “dominance” has become a hot topic in the dog training industry but the truth is that your dog needs your guidance and support. He or she needs to know that you will keep them both safe and accountable! That’s what leadership is.


Building A solid relationship foundation

In our experience, relationship building is not just about training your dog what you want, it’s also about teaching your dog what you don’t want. You want your dog to sit nicely when guests come over, and you don’t want them to jump. Dogs need to understand that jumping is unacceptable so they can calm down enough to sit nicely when you have people over.


Setting Rules and Boundaries

Respect is another hot-button topic in the dog training community. It’s become so controversial to tell your dog “no” and follow through - humanely! - so they understand that when you say so, they need to listen. At T&P, we believe that there are tools and training principles that you can use to teach your dog to respect you without resorting to “punishment”.


Learning Clear, Concise Communication

Training your dog to sit or come when called the first time requires calm, actionable communication. What that means is that when you tell your dog to come back, they need to turn on a dime and return to you without hesitation. That means, no stopping to pee on this bush or to sniff that post.


Putting It all together and applying it to your lifestyle

When you work with Turner & Pooch, you will receive a comprehensive training booklet separate from the training guide we have available for sale on our website. In it, you will receive over 50 pages of handouts and lesson plans from Ineke as well as other trainers we follow.

Ready to Train Your Dog with Turner & Pooch?

We aim to help correct a wide range of behavioural issues your dog might be experiencing, and while individual results may vary, our expert trainers will work with you so you can start seeing improvements as quickly as possible. If you're excited to get started and take the first step towards a better-behaved furry companion, simply click the button below to get started. We look forward to working with you and your pup to help you both achieve a harmonious, lasting relationship!