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Welcome to Turner & Pooch Dog Training, where our mission is to help you and your dog build a stronger, happier bond through our effective and proven training methods. With years of experience and expertise in dog behaviour and training, our team is committed to providing personalized solutions for your furry companion’s unique needs.

Our training programs address a variety of common dog behaviour issues, including:

🐾  Barking and lunging at other dogs on walks

🐾  Ignoring you when you call them

🐾  Pulling on the leash during walks

🐾  Jumping on guests

🐾  Displaying aggressive behaviour

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Discover the hidden secrets of your dog’s behaviour and needs through our customized dog training programs. With our expertise, you can strengthen the bond with your canine companion while gaining confidence and joy in your dog ownership journey.

How We Can Help

The unique approach to canine coaching we employ stands out from other services. By understanding your dog’s psychology and learning preferences, training methods can be adapted to suit your pet’s individual needs and temperament, seamlessly supporting your journey towards a stronger bond and confident dog ownership.

Turner and the Pooches

Here's What you Can look Forward to After training With Us:

✓  Knowing how to communicate effectively so that your dog listens to you the first time
✓  Understanding your dog’s behaviour and why they do what they do
✓  Improving your dog’s quality of life and overall happiness
✓  Enhancing your own life by reducing stress and anxiety related to your dog’s unwanted behaviour
✓  Creating new unforgettable memories with a well-behaved, happy pooch!

This is more than just dog training

It’s about forming a stronger bond between you and your pet. Our approach focuses on the crucial role you play in your dog’s behaviour and well-being. We stand out by ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide your dog effectively so you can confidently take your dog on new adventures, wherever you want to go!

Group Classes

  • Both you and your dog will learn important behaviour skills through appropriate socialization.

  • Our group training sessions offer a unique opportunity for you to work with your dog with distractions and in real-life scenarios.

  • Our programs are thoughtfully designed with a set curriculum aimed at teaching you and your dog to be and stay calm, in any situation.

  • Our classes are an affordable solution without compromising the quality of training that you and your dog will receive.

Private Training

  • Both you and your dog will learn essential etiquette and communication skills through personalized, weekly one-on-one training.

  • Our individual training sessions provide a unique opportunity for you and your dog to master skills amidst distractions, closely mirroring real-world situations.

  • Our programs are meticulously designed with you in mind, equipping you with techniques to help your dog remain composed in any situation.

  • Our private classes are a cost-effective investment, providing high-quality training for both you and your dog without breaking the bank.

Day Training

  • Our day training programs offer an intensive, hands-on experience here your dog learns essential etiquette under our expert guidance.

  • These weekly full-day sessions are a  unique opportunity for your dog to master calmness with real life situations while still in a controlled environment.

  • We design our day training curriculum around you and your dog’s needs, focusing on teaching your dog how to stay calm in any situation.

  • Each day ends with a private lesson for you, with your dog so that you have the tools and techniques to maintain your dog’s new behaviour at home.

FREE Pack Walks

Join our free weekly pack walks to enhance your dog’s social skills, and enjoy a supportive community of fellow dog owners.


Begin your journey with us through a 30-minute consultation, either in person or virtually, where we’ll discuss your dog’s unique needs and outline how our training programs can help you.

Online Courses

Experience our convenient online classes, offering accessible, flexible, and effective dog training right from the comfort of your home.

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Training improves communication between you and your pet, strengthening the bonds of loyalty and obedience, and increasing the potential to introduce a well-loved member into your family for the rest of their life.

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