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The Best Dog Coats For Winters In Canada

Keep Your Dog Cozy and Active This Winter: Discover the Best Dog Coats for Canadian Winters and Find Out How to Measure, Put On and Enjoy Fun Winter Activities with Your Furry Friend

If you’re a dog owner in Canada, you know that winter can be pretty tough on our furry friends. The chilly temperatures and winter snowfall can be incredibly harsh, especially for short-coated breeds, so it’s important to find a good dog coat that will keep them warm and dry all winter long.

Walking your dog in the winter can be a difficult task, but it’s important to keep them active and socialized. Dogs need exercise, but they also need to stay warm during the colder months.  That’s why it’s important to have the right coat for them. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best dog coats for winter in Canada, and offer some tips on how to choose the right one for your pup. We’ll also talk about how to choose the right coat for your dog, and some popular brands that I love and use for my Dobermans, Daphne and Dante.

Just as we bundle up when it gets colder, dogs need coats too!

As a dog trainer, it’s my job to look out for the safety and comfort of every dog I work with. During winter, dog coats can provide an important layer of protection and warmth against extreme temperatures and wet weather. They are especially important for short-haired breeds like the Doberman; who don’t have the same natural fur coat that breeds like the husky have for extra insulation. Dog coats are not just about keeping your pup toasty either; they can prevent hypothermia from setting in after playing outside or soaking up rain puddles with enthusiasm. Even if you’re heading into a mild winter, don’t forget to give your pup an extra layer of love by finding them a snug doggy coat fit for their size!

Different types of dog coats available on the market

As a dog trainer, I encounter a variety of breeds every day, each with their unique requirements for warmth and comfort. With this in mind, it’s important to choose the right kind of coat for your dog depending on the climate and their breed. For example, a Doberman may have shorter fur and need to stay warm in wintry temperatures or when exposed to strong winds. A great option is a winter coat that features lightweight insulation materials, such as synthetics or down feathers, and other weatherproof characteristics like waterproof membranes or wind protection. Conversely, if you’re living in a colder region where there is snow, then get them an extra layer with an all-weather jacket that has a water-resistant outer shell–ideal for protecting them from the elements and helping them retain body heat during winter walks outside. As a pet parent, it’s imperative to ensure your pup is comfortable and safe no matter what season it is.

My recommendations for the best dog coats based on climate and budget

As Canada gets colder, picking the right coat for your furry friend is essential. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options for dog owners in Canada to choose from. Depending on your budget and climate considerations, Canada Pooch, Hurtta, Ruffwear, or EzyDog coats can be top contenders in keeping your pup warm. Canada Pooch is a Canadian company with style and function at the core of their mission; Hurtta designs winter coats specifically tailored to canine needs; Ruffwear has a variety of different coats and warmers built to endure harsher climates, and EzyDog offers supreme quality for the price with their range of jackets. Dog owners will know that finding a coat that fits them well can be a challenge! With these fantastic brands, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect coat for your pup.

How to measure your dog for a coat and how to put it on correctly

Measuring your dog for a coat is a lot easier than you might think! Once you have measured the right area and taken note of your dog’s measurements, you can take that information with your dog to any pet store and they will be able to assist in finding the right size.

To properly measure your dog, start from where the neck meets their chest and measure all the way around until you reach back to your starting point. Make sure you leave about an inch or two of space for movement. Additionally, make sure you measure the length of both your dog’s chest and back – this way you’ll be sure to get a well-fitted coat that your dog will love!

When it comes time to put the coat on, remember to stay patient with your pooch – despite them not always enjoying being dressed up, don’t let it frustrate you! Speaking calmly about what you’re doing can help them and wait until they relax before doing anything further.

Try not to laugh if this is your dog’s first time wearing a coat, some dogs can get very dramatic! Once your dog is relatively calm, you can take them out for a walk and they will quickly learn to associate getting dressed up with going on an adventure.

My dogs love wearing their coats because it means they get to have FUN

Seeing Dante and Daphne in their coats for winter adventures is one of the great joys I have in the colder months. A well-fitting jacket helps to keep them active and warm no matter the temperature. Plus, it means my pack gets to go out and enjoy winter fun without risking any of the common issues that come with having short fur in cold weather. This just goes to show that winter activities are achievable even when bitter temperatures create an icy chill.

Conclusion and key points

As winter rolls around, some dog owners will need to take into account the special needs of their pets. Dogs with shorter fur like the Doberman require an extra layer of warmth during the cooler months to be able to enjoy winter activities.

Don’t let the cold weather discourage you!

Go on walks, explore your local parks, and bring out those tennis balls or flying discs for some fetch. Getting outside, even when it’s cold, will be so beneficial for both you and your pup’s mental and physical well-being! It is important to remember that different breeds may require unique considerations during the winter season. So whether your dog prefers to stay home where it’s warm, or you have a dog who would live outside in the cold (if you let him!), make sure to get outside and bond with your four-legged friend over this wintery weather! Having a warm coat will help keep your canine companion toasty when you’re out enjoying nature.

Dog coats are an important part of wintertime care for your pup. With so many different types and styles of coats available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for your dog. If you have any questions about which coat to buy, hit me up in the comments!

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